• On-site garden consultations addressing design, horticultural and ecological concerns.

• Ongoing instruction and support for do-it-yourself clients.


• Site-specific custom garden plans, including annuals, perennials and mixed borders and bird and wildlife gardens.

• Residential Property Master Plans. 

• Supervision of garden plan installations (our crew or other contractors, depending on size and scope of project).

• Seasonal annual flower and bulb planting.

• Seasonal container and window box planting.

General Garden Maintenance

• Garden bed maintenance (planting, weeding, dividing, deadheading, fertilizing, light pruning).

• Container and window box maintenance.




We are proud of the relationships that we establish with our clients. We collaborate closely with them, listen carefully to what they tell us and make them an integral part of the design process. They are involved from beginning to end to ensure that they "own" the process and are satisfied with each step along the way. Our efforts are directed at interpreting and implementing their ideas, making suggestions, resolving issues that arise, solving problems, and making sure that sound horticultural practices are not compromised. The result is a highly personalized garden that addresses their needs, expresses the unique qualities of their lifestyles and personalities, and evolves gracefully through time.

Read about our design process.

This is the exciting phase when all the planning is brought to fruition. I work closely with the client throughout the installation process, reviewing the activities step by step and making any last minute adjustments that we decide will result in a better end product. We are always willing, within reason, to fine tune our projects up to the last minute. When clients participate actively in the decision making process they develop a sense of ownership of the transformation of their own property. The garden truly becomes their own creation, with the designer serving to guide them through a process of manifesting their own intentions and dreams.

Once a garden is established, the most important challenge is to keep it healthy and looking its best. That's where our skilled professional staff comes in.

Many of our working hours are spent maintaining our clients' gardens. We excel in bed maintenance, and are particularly experienced in maintaining flower gardens and mixed borders. We also plant and maintain decorative containers. To provide clients with comprehensive service, we can recommend expert lawn and tree contractors.